How to install Drupal with Acquia Dev Desktop (Drupal Tutorial)

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How to setup a development environment with Acquia Dev Desktop.


1. Get the DAMP packet and install it
2. Add a site to this multisite setup
3. Import other version of Drupal as a single site
4. Using Profiles to make predefined setups

1. Get the DAMP packet and install it

Download Acquia Dev Desktop from here:

and install it

(At the moment the packet had an older version of drupal (7.4). We will import newer version as a single site later.)

Default ports are propably ok for you:

You can define different places for the Dev Desktop and the site itself:

Give the admin user information:

Launch the control panel and it should show two green lights:

Hit the Go to my site button and you should see the Drupal installed in your browser (localhost:8082)

Database can be managed in localhost:8082/phpmyadmin


2. Add a site to this multisite setup

Click More... in the select menu

Hit New

You only need to give it a name, but you can also customize details here if needed:

Hit Ok and your new site will be installed.

Physically it will be in

So now your default site (localhost:8082) and multisitetest (multisitetest.localhost:8082)
will use the same Drupal 7.4 (installed in d:\acquia-test-site) but act as individual sites with separate databases.

3. Import other version of Drupal as a single site

If you DON'T want to create a multisite setup or you want to use a different version of Drupal, you can import it as a single site.

Download the Drupal version you want to use from

This test is done with this:
(You can import older versions too, like Drupal 6.)

Extract it where you want to store your individual sites (like D:\Sites).

I renamed the folder to D:\Sites\BASE-drupal-7.9 because this will act as BASE for other sites.

Now make a copy out of this folder and rename it like D:\Sites\testsite

Hit Import in your Control Panel (Settings and Sites)

And fill in the information as follows:

Now the Control Panel takes you to the regular installation process of the site in


Choose the Standard or Minimal installation profile

Configure site and hit Save and continue

Hit Visit the site and it logs you in

4. Using Profiles to make predefined setups

You can use interface from the Administration Menu module instead of the default toolbar. Here we make it default.

Download it from here:

( I used this version: )

And extract it in D:\Sites\BASE-drupal-7.9\sites\all\modules

By default it has pretty small font, so let's change it:

Edit sites\all\modules\admin_menu\admin_menu.css

and change the size from 9px to something bigger:

Edit profiles\standard\

Disable the toolbar dependency and add admin_menu instead

Now if you make a copy of BASE-drupal-7.9 folder and import it as a new site and install it with Standard profile, you have the Administration menu automatically enabled:

In this way you can pretty easily make several Drupal bases for different versions and enable them with needed modules.

You only need to make a copy of this base and import it with Acquia's control panel to make it work as a site.

Posted by Samuli Natri on 01 November 2011