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  1. Installation

  2. Bootswatch

  3. CSS Styles

1. Installation

Note: When there is a stable release, use drush en bootstrap to get it. In this tutorial I will use the development version. Please test it out and post issues here:

  • Install the bootstrap basetheme:
drush dl --select bootstrap
  • Select the development version:

  • Enable the theme:
drush en bootstrap

Now you should see the theme in /themes:

  • Copy the CDN folder from the themes/bootstrap/starterkits folder..

  • ..and paste it in the /themes folder:

  • Change the cdn folder name to mytheme and all THEMENAME occurrences to mytheme. (change also the name: 'Mytheme (CDN)' and libraries THEMENAME inside the file
  • NOTE: rename THEMENAME.starterkit.yml as

mytheme can be any name.

  • Go to admin/appearance and enable the theme:

And there you have it:

In this dev version the blocks were missplaced.

2. Bootswatch

  • Go to admin/appearance/settings/mytheme to change the theme settings. For example, in the Advanced section you can select Bootswatch themes:

The Paper theme looks like this:

Cerulean theme:

3. CSS Styles

  • Turn CSS caching off in admin/config/development/performance so you don't have to flush caches all the time:

  • Override the default styling in themes/mytheme/css/style.css:

h1 { color: red;}

Now you should see red main headers:

Flush caches if you are not seeing changes.