Samuli Natri
Jun. 17, 2016
Updated: Nov. 30, 2016
By Samuli NatriJun. 17, 2016
(Updated: Nov. 30, 2016)

How To Enable Development Mode In Drupal 8

How to disable page caching and enable debug mode.

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With Drupal Console

drupal site:mode dev

This creates/modifies sites/default/services.yml file so you might have to change the folder sites/default or the file services.yml permissions.


You can also do it manually:

cp sites/example.settings.local.php sites/default/settings.local.php

in sites/default/settings.local.php uncomment these lines:

$settings['cache']['bins']['render'] = 'cache.backend.null';
$settings['cache']['bins']['dynamic_page_cache'] = 'cache.backend.null';

In sites/default/settings.php uncomment these lines:

if (file_exists(__DIR__ . '/settings.local.php')) {
  include __DIR__ . '/settings.local.php';

In sites/ add these lines:

    debug: true
    auto_reload: true
    cache: false

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