Drupal 7 - How To Create A Custom Template For A View

Tutorial on custom View Templates.

Download and enable modules

Download and install Views and Devel modules:

drush -y en views views_ui devel

Create new content type and add some content

Go to Structure > Content types > Add content type:

Add a custom field:

Add content:

Create a new view

Go to Structure > Views > Add new view

Create a view with block:


Add your custom fields in FIELDS:

Disable Create a label and Add default classes if you want to reduce extra markup:

Prepare the view block

Hit the Theme: Information under Advanced tab:

In Row style output, copy one of the template names:

I chose views-view-fields–flowers–block.tpl.php, because it tells us nicely what this file is all about (a block representing a view called flowers).

Create an empty php file with your chosen template name in themes/bartik/templates folder:

Write this in it:

<?php print "testing"; ?>

Rescan templates files in the theming information area and your template name should go bold:

Hit ok and save the view.

Goto Structure > Blocks and place the View block in Content section:

Save blocks, go to frontpage and you should see a ‘testing’ line for each custom node you created:

Theme it

Open your template file (views-view-fields–flowers–block.tpl.php) and write this in it:

<?php dpm($fields); ?>

dpm is a useful function provided with Devel module.

Refresh your frontpage and you should see this:

Double-click the item name you want to find path for.

Now you can see that $fields variable is an array with 2 elements, title and field_flowers_availability objects.

You can access them like this:

  // print "testing";
  print $fields["title"]->content;
  print $fields["field_flowers_availability"]->content;


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