Click F4 (or fn+F4 if you have set F1,F2.. keys to act as standard function keys) to open Launchpad and search for Automator:

Click Automator icon to open it and choose Service as your document type (click File > New if you don’t see the document type window):

Select service to receive files or folders in

Search copy in services and drag Copy to Clipboard to the empty space.

Save service as Copy Path or something:

Ctrl + click a file and select Copy Path (in case of folder the command is under Services folder) to copy path:

Paste it to somewhere (like text editor) using cmd + v:

You can also assign a Shortcut for the Copy Path service. Go to System Preferences (click the apple picture on top left) > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services. Here I defined the shortcut as alt+cmd+c:

Note: you disable all service shortcuts except the Copy Path under Files and Folders, then you don’t see the Services folder when ctrl clicking a folder.

You can find this custom service in Library/Services folder like /Users/WDTutorials/Library/Services/Copy Path.workflow